Getting a private frequency

You must go through a Coordinator to get your own frequency. To get your own frequency talk to a coordinator today!


HAM/Amateur Radio License

Want to get a Ham or Amateur Radio License? To get a HAM License you must take a supervised test. The test is from the FCC however supervised by a volunteer examiner. Click here to learn more. 


FCC Fines

To see some FCC fines and forfeiture proceedings, click here.


License FREE Frequencies

So long FCC guidelines are followed, you may use FRS (UHF) and MURS (VHF) frequencies without a license.


"Be aware that if you operate a radio transmitter that requires a license, or use a radio that is authorized for only a specific service for an unauthorized service, you may be fined or imprisoned, and/or the equipment may be confiscated." ~ FCC

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